Juha Huttunen

CEO Learn and Educate Finland,

University of Helsinki, Master of Arts 2009

I currently work as an elementary school teacher and vice principal in the city of Porvoo. I am also the chairman of Porvoo's Kesäkoti Foundation, a foundation dedicated to organise pedagogically designed activities for children during the summer months, and I have a position as a board member and treasurer in the Trade Union of Education in Finland, Porvoo's section.   

In the city of Porvoo I hold a post in coordinating the operations of student bodies in our schools and my duties include making sure that the voice of children is heard in decision making. I also belong to a committee helping the city of Porvoo become more child friendly. 

I have worked several years in the quality control of the municipal educational administration and educational services, and operate as the chairman of the co-operational team. 

In 2018 I received a special award for working with different student bodies to make sure that the children's voice is heard in decision making. This is an essential part of the United Nation's Rights of a Child human rights treaty that sets out civil, political, economical and cultural rights for children globally. The award was handed by the Save the Children Finland association.

In addition to being a versatile teacher and passionate about education, my hobbies include hunting and other activities in the nature.