Sari Perttu

Master of Arts, class teacher, University of Helsinki 1990

Main subjects physical education, art, didactics of religion

Theatre Academy, dance pedagogy, Master of Arts in Dance 1996-2000

Dance studies in New York 1990

Hawkins school of Dance (Hawkins technique)

Ruth Currier Dance Studio (Limon technique)

Laban Bartenieff Institue ( Laban technique)

I have over 20 years of experience as a teacher, for example, PE teacher in Päiväkehrä elementary school (Espoo), Ressu upper secondary school (Helsinki) and Department of teacher education (Helsinki). Since 1994 I have held a post as a class teacher in Helsinki and one of my subjects combines dance, drama, art and music. In the Christian School of Helsinki (2018-2019) my duties included developing dance events and using dance as a means to promote the sense of togetherness in the school and to bring joy to the everyday life. 

I have also worked as a dance teacher in, for example, Espoo Music Institute, Helsinki Dance Institute, The Summer Highschool Association, different events organised by the church, international Christian Art seminars in Holland. My duties have included teaching teachers, for example, in the Vantaa Dance Institute and Educa trade show for teachers. 

In the Kartanonkoski elementary school I worked as a dance teacher for the classes 1-9 (2011-2012). The aim was to implement dance and other bodily activities into every school subject. A guidebook can be downloaded from the website 

Professor Eeva Anttila describes the project and research based on it in her book Koko koulu Tanssii! The focus is on the possibilities embodied learning brings to the world of education. 

These possibilities I am eager to develop and teach. 

In my spare time I dance in Xaris Finland dance group and also work as a choreographer for the Vivamo Raamattukylä theatre