Taina Huttunen

Master of Arts, University of Jyväskylä / Department of Teacher Education 1991

MOO, Central Finland Conservatory, music teacher 1994

Master of Music, Sibelius-Academy / MUKA, music teacher 2006

PhD, University of Jyväskylä, MUTKU 2017

My career in teaching started in 1993 and since then I have held teaching positions in both elementary schools and high schools. Currently I teach in Oulunkylä elementary school, class specialising in music. I also hold a position in the school board. 

During my career I have taught in musical kindergarden, different schools, junior colleges, institutions, elementary schools, high schools, conservatories and at university level. Music is my major and I am interested in pedagogy, developing thinking skills, increasing student involvement, interaction skills and creativity.  

My duties also include working as a pedagogical and digital expert and teacher training expert for the city of Helsinki, department of education. I was one of five teachers from the Helsinki metropolitan area to take part in developing the digimaikka.fi website. I also took part in the PUMPPU project aimed at developing different means to help compose music in schools. I am also a member of Teosto, a non-profit performance rights organisation that collects royalties on behalf of artists and composers in Finland. My duties include composing, writing lyrics and arranging music.  

In addition to teaching, I have been involved in writing material for teaching since 2008 (Otava publishing company). That gave me the great opportunity to take part in creating a book series in music for classes from 1 to 6 (Saa laulaa!) and study books for learning Finnish (Uusi Kipinä). I am a member of the Association of Finnish Non-Fiction Writers. 

I did my PhD Dissertation on inclusive composing method that helps to implement the objectives stipulated by the new national Curriculum for education.