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芬兰学习与教育公司 联系方式: 联系人: Juha Huttunen, +358 40 592 6533, 更多信息:  

芬兰学习与教育公司 (Learn and Educate Finland) 是 一家快速发展中的公司,依据芬兰的国家课程大纲为 教师提供培训,为学生提供有趣的营地活动。我们对 教师进行培训,以配合当前的学术主题和教学方法的 变化。在我们的"发挥创意" (Go Creative) 营地中, 学生将有机会在专业且积极主动的老师的帮助下,挑 战他们在不同科目中的创造力、解决问题的能力和思 考能力。 地点: 波尔沃地区 主要地区: 赫尔辛基地区 时长: 5-10天 团队人数: 20-100人


Our company's main idea is to provide courses that will help you to understand Finnish Education system and carry the best of it forward in to your own schools or school systems.

Learn and Educate Finland provides educational camps or courses for both adults and children. We train teachers to support current academic topics and teach variation of pedagogical methods. For children we have Go Creative camps and Go Creative School Lab were students can get a chance to challenge their creativity, problem solving skills and thinking skills. For adults we have five to ten days Go Creative -Teacher Training programs and School Lab. 

We are also creating and developing different products to support teaching, such as schoolbooks and learning kits.

All courses we provide are quite flexible. We provide them in Porvoo, Kauniainen and Hauho.  The courses  can be organized in other locations such as in Lapland depending on our coustomer's need.